Itinerary–Keelung Qidu‧Nuan-nuan Secluded Woods Phytoncide-bathing

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Dan-Lan Historic Trail, a 100-year old remains.
Keelung Maling Secluded Woods, Taiwan’s Amazon forests,
Listening to the old story of mining industry,
To experience the eco-beauty of canyon stream,
Here you can take off the facial mask and enjoy breathing the fresh air.

The itenerary and tickets are sold through travel service agents: Hicar Tour company; Glory Travel.

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Tour Package Ticket includes :

  • To visit Keelung Qidu Railway Museum
  • Qidu secluded woods for flowers-viewing
  • To visit Qidu old mining remains
  • To taste herb dishes at an eco-farm
  • To walk through a canyon trail

Tour content :

0900 Meeting at Qidu railway station : at the exit of Kuang-ming road
0900-0940 Walk together to the railway museum, a short museum tour.
0940-1100 Taking Keelung tour bus to Fumin Water Park-a secluded place for flowers-viewing (Taiwan’s Amazon forests),
then by bus to Jihde coal mine, Sea-broken Bridge remains,
Tudi-Gong temple (Lord of Land) , Shiendong Lake Pagoda,
Sakura trail (cherry blossom trail), Carp pond, Mine image,
Coke kiln remains (There is Tung Flower Festival in April).
1100-1200 Walk in secluded place : Viewing Stone-lion mountain,
sticky-rice Bridge, Potholes, Baojiah Rd.
1200-1300 Herb dishes at Fangyu eco-farm + DIY activities
1300-1400 Taking bus to Nuan-nuan~Nuan-shin Park, 100-year old Pump-room, Twin Tudi-Gong temple.
1400-1630 Walk through Nuandong Canyon Trail
1630-1700 Return to Qidu railway station, dismiss from there.


Tour charges

  • Charges include: tour bus, tour guide, lunch, DIY activity, travel insurance.
  • Departure Dates :August:12、13、20、25、26、27
  • Charges : Keelung Tour Bus 20-seats, Group tour minimum 15 persons required.
    NT$1200 per person.
  • 9-seat tour bus, good for family tour & group tour. Reservation required.


  1. The charges do not include : Personal consumption, private itinerary and
    additional insurance .
  2. Once order is placed, please call to reserve the departure date.
  3. Group tour minimum 15 persons required, maximum 20 persons,
    confirmation will be made by message or by phone 5 days prior to departure.
  4. In case the ordered tour would fail to depart due to shortage of the minimal seats, or epidemic, or natural disasters etc. Two choices : either to fully refund or to postpone to next trip.
  5. Once the tour departure has confirmed, the cancellation of order
    due to personal reasons will be charged 50% of the ticket price.
  6. The tour does not cover transportation and insurance before departure
    and after dismiss. The tourists are required to meet and to dismiss at the designated place by themselves.
  7. Should you have any question, please call 02-2521-1515 during office hours at BRIM Co., (Brilliant Int’l Marketing).